Drive Timely Action

Strategic insight is only as good as the operational change it creates.

Drive timely Action

When something goes wrong, you need to know straight away. Get notified immediately on issues in order to be able to take necessary action.


Schedule a prioritized list of actions to serve up analytics in a format suitable for operational staff.

Activity Capture

Record critical operational activity to ensure processing workflows are complete.

Turnkey AI

Pre-built solutions using AI to automatically classify documents, detect sentiment and interpret audio.

Unified Analytics

Publish and distribute all of your analytics assets within a single, unified hub.


Powerful natural language search capabilities allowing you to discover any report, data element or document.


How Loome does it

Loome consists of a number of modules, each aimed at augmenting a specific part of your data landscape.

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Module Integrate Assist Monitor Publish
Commentary Notifications
Search Reports by Data Element
Natural Language Search
Central Analytics Hub
Customised Report Recommendations~
Analytics Recommendation Wizard Builder~
Incident Rules Management & Alerts

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