For Analytics Managers

The Loome Analytics Asset Portal lets you quickly and easily add reports from any source system to relevant business areas and subject areas, enabling you to find the report you need exactly where you would think to find it.

The ideal solution for a growing Analytics capability, the platform allows you to quickly establish a robust and governed analytics portal. Native integration to Power BI, Tableau, Business Objects and over 100 connectors to common databases and API's, you can onboard your data quickly and publish reports targeted to the right audience all for a single web console.

A gif showing how Loome software make workstation creation easy to bring high performance computing for the researchers and analytics team.
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A unique catalogue and user portal for analytics

Loome's Analytics Portal gives you the ability to register and present all your data and analytics assets in one unified interface, with your own classification and tagging to make everything easy to find.

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Pre-built Integration with Power BI and Tableau

Loome's pre-built connectors for common tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Thoughtspot and Business Objects all you to setup your portal in hours.

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Publishing control

Create mandatory metadata to capture before reports are published. Classify documents and reports for easier discovery.

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Powerful audience targeting

Create role specific landing pages and automatically filter the portal navigation.

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Synchronise report catalogues

Leverage Pre-built connectors for Power BI, Tableau, Thoughtspot, Business Objects, with integration of catalogues and with embedding API’s. An extensible framework allows you to incorporate any other source.

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Drive user adoption

Provide a simpler consumption experience for a wider analytics audience and track usage of content and actions in the portal.

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Fully customisable branding

Match your corporate branding standards in the portal with a simple look and feel editor or flexibility to upload your own CSS.

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Business glossary

Deliver better context of reports with an integrated report and data catalog.