For Researchers and Analysts

Looking for an easy way to bring high-performance computing to your research or advanced analytics team?

Loome offers a low-friction entry point to the cloud, with a single portal for managing projects, computing costs, and elastic demand. With autonomy to scale storage and processing on-demand, you can manage workstations, clusters, and docker images with ease. Choose from a variety of compute and storage options, turn resources on or off as needed, and monitor your spending all in one console.

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                how easy to bring high performance computing to researchers or advanced analytics team.
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Simplified researcher access to resources in Azure

Provide a simple interface for a researcher to provision a high-performance computing cluster, storage or a high powered workstation. Automatically create a Microsoft Team for collaboration on projects.

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Simplified governance

Automatically track costs against budgets and curate recommended resource templates to suit particular analysis needs.

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Governed Projects

Create governed projects with budget limits and consumption alerts.

Publish a library of cloud resources that users can provision on-demand, whilst managing security and costs.

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Access to latest technology

Provide access to the latest technologies, including InfiniBand-connected High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources, GPUs, FPGAs, AI/ML, and more.

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Resource templates

Publish resource templates tailored with software and tools to best suit each particular type of analysis or modelling.

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Seamless collaboration

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams facilitates chat capabilities, online meetings, and file sharing.

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Empower users

Give users the autonomy to select from a curated list of compute and storage options whilst enabling them to create and manage multiple projects, each with its own budget and team.

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Pre-built support for common research tools

One click access to common tools such as Nextflow, Snakemake, SLURM, PBS Pro, Grid Engine, Lustre, Docker & Singularity Containers, Rstudio, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Jupyter notebooks and more.