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When you invest in analytics to start creating a data-driven culture, you need to monitor adoption, you need governance, and you need to be able to adapt quickly. Loome's focus on providing key supporting capabilities for your data warehouse and visualisation platforms.

Managed Self Service Cloud
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Self Service Cloud Research Workbench

Empower users to provision their own cloud resources, define budgets, track expenditure and collaborate on projects.

Data Quality Assurance
                  and Observability

Data Quality Assurance
and Observability

Streamline your Azure SQL, Azure Synapse and Snowflake data warehouse workflow by using a data quality engine.

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Unified Analytics
Asset Portal

Create a simpler business user experience of navigating reports and data sets with a central catalogue across multiple reporting tools.

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For Researchers and Analysts

Ideal for research and advanced analytics teams

Loome gives you autonomy to scale resources, manage workstations and clusters in the cloud, and store results on-demand. Select from various compute and storage options, turn resources on/off as needed, and manage your expenditure from a single console.

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For Data Governance Managers and Data Stewards

Ideal to achieve more effective data governance across enterprise-wide applications and systems.

Critical for all departments or organisations seeking to achieve more effective data governance across enterprise-wide applications and systems. Includes workbench to assign responsibility to data stewards for faster, auditable resolution of anomalies detected.

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For Analytics Managers

The ideal solution for a growing Analytics capability, the platform allows you to quickly establish a robust and governed analytics portal.

The Loome Analytics Portal lets you quickly and easily add reports from any source system to relevant business areas and subject areas, enabling you to find the report you need exactly where you would think to find it.


How Loome weaves it together

Integrate Module
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Connect to any source, rapidly onboard data and reduce the number of moving parts in your processing pipelines.

Publish Module small


Publish all of your analytics assets in a single hub, provide an integrated business glossary and drive ongoing stewardship.

Monitor Module small


Ensure your data is fit for purpose, receive alerts about anomalies and automate recommended business actions.

Assist Module small


Gain autonomy by having the ability to scale resources, process workloads, and store results on demand.