Integrate with ease

With over 100 native connectors and integration with major Cloud Storage and Data Warehouse platforms, Loome Integrate allows you to access and process data anywhere and anyway you like. With Best Practice Data Integration Patterns baked-in, you can build your Data Lake or Data Warehouse with unprecedented speed, whilst ensuring a fault tolerant and transparent process.

Minimise processing time

Loome Integrate makes it simple to define dependencies between jobs and tasks across different types of processing. Detailed logging provides transparency on typical failures and long running processes to help focus on where to improve.


Powerful Features

An end-to-end data orchestration framework

100 + source connectors

Data Migration Wizard

Job and Task Dependency Management

HPC (Big Compute) Orchestration

Data Warehouse, Big Data and Data Science Pipelines

Incremental Logic and Change Auditing

Logging and Alerts

Cloud Ready Ingestion

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