Loome Connection

What is Xero?

Xero is one of the most popular cloud-based accounting platforms in use today. It offers software-as-a-service subscription services for small businesses as well as slightly larger companies to perform financial and human resources tasks all within a single platform. The Xero accounting software performs a range of tasks relating to succesfully managing many aspects of business accounting, from cashflow and payroll to invoicing and expenses.

The Xero subscription service offers several plans depending on the size of the payroll and the volume of invoices being processed. Advanced security and user access controls means that who sees what accounting data is closely controlled. Employees get access to their own portal through which they can interact with and manage all their salary and leave related affairs.

Extract Data From Xero

Loome makes it simple to connect to Xero and extract data for downstream systems such as an Integration Hub, Reporting Data Store, Data Lake or Enterprise Data Warehouse. In-built features allow bulk selection of all source tables/files to be automatically synced on a regular schedule, minimising data load size leveraging incremental logic.