Loome Connection

What is Thoughtspot?

Thoughtspot is a a self-service data analytics platform aimed at opening up analytics to more teams and more users across enterprises. It combines natural language search with fast query times due to its unique, purpose-built architecture.

Thoughtspot offers AI driven insights based on a dozens of specifically tailored machine learning algorithms. Additionally, it offers personalised insights and recommendations based on the usage and query history of any given user.

Embed Thoughtspot in a Central Portal

Loome lets you quickly and easily add reports from Thoughtspot to relevant business areas and subject areas, enabling you to find the report you need in a central portal.

Tile Layouts allow you to curate and mashup visualisations in audience-targeted landing pages using a simple no-code editor.

Automatically Sync Meta-Data From Thoughtspot

Loome automatically synchronises report meta-data from Thoughtspot to a central report catalogue providing a governed, role-based asset registration and publishing process.

A flexible meta-data management framework allows the definition of mandatory meta-data and other attributes to be captured against each report prior to being published. An API supports extensibility of meta-data to be loaded into the catalogue from any other sources.