Loome Connection

What is Power BI?

Power BI is Microsoft's analytics and visualisation platform. It consists of two parts, cloud-based business intelligence products called Power BI Services and on-premises implementation called Power BI Desktop.

It offers the ability to create dashboards for self service analytics, offering a range of visualisations with additional ones being available for download to meet a range of needs. Power BI connects seamlessly not only to other Microsoft products, but a range of other data sources.

Power BI also offers forecasting and powerful insight generating using tools such as machine learning. It is accessible, allowing different team members and departments to use it in meeting their own specific analytics needs.

Embed Power BI in a Central Portal

Loome lets you quickly and easily add reports from Power BI to relevant business areas and subject areas, enabling you to find the report you need in a central portal.

Tile Layouts allow you to curate and mashup visualisations in audience-targeted landing pages using a simple no-code editor.

Automatically Sync Meta-Data From Power BI

Loome automatically synchronises report meta-data from Power BI to a central report catalogue providing a governed, role-based asset registration and publishing process.

A flexible meta-data management framework allows the definition of mandatory meta-data and other attributes to be captured against each report prior to being published. An API supports extensibility of meta-data to be loaded into the catalogue from any other sources.