Loome Connection

What is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a Microsoft Server based calendaring and mail server which can be implemented on-premises or in the form of Software as a Service, including as part of a Microsofr 365 plan. The available plans range from basic 50GB mailboxes all the way to multiple terabites of OneDrive file storage capacity per user.

Support for MAPI, POP3, IMAP and EAS email clients are included. Furthermore advanced calendar synchronisation and collaboration options combine to create an oerall enterprise-grade mail and calendar platform.

Extract Data From Microsoft Exchange

Loome makes it simple to connect to Microsoft Exchange and extract data for downstream systems such as an Integration Hub, Reporting Data Store, Data Lake or Enterprise Data Warehouse. In-built features allow bulk selection of all source tables/files to be automatically synced on a regular schedule, minimising data load size leveraging incremental logic.