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How can I manage my reference data?

Reference Data Management is the process of managing data classifications and hierarchies across systems and business processes and is fundamental to ensuring the quality and consistency of data used across multiple applications and by multiple teams.

Loome quickly and easily enables you to establish connections to source systems, load your data sets and add custom fields. You can then categorise the data and capture additional attributes as required.

You can create your reference dataset by:
  1. Connecting directly to a source
  2. Creating manually via Loome
  3. A combination of both source data extracts and manual input

Once the dataset has been created, data stewards can then add additional attributes and use these attributes to identify which records need to be reviewed by whom for the reporting purposes.

If creating a reference dataset manually you will need to define the data fields in which data will be stored. If you choose to connect directly to an external source, data fields defined in your query will be created, you can then add additional data fields if required.

Once you execute the reference, your dataset will be created in the target source specified. You can then edit your reference to include communication rules that will notify users of any changes made.

A gif showing how to create a reference dataset and manage them in Loome Monitor.
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