How it works
The importance of identifying incidents as they arise

Loome allows you to monitor your data to alert your team and take quick and effective action. Loome can identify unexpected and critical incidents or can simply ensure process compliance using queries and reusable data quality rules. These rules can proactively identify the significant actions that operational staff need to focus on.

Assigning ownership to data-driven alerts will not only notify team members to take immediate action when issues arise, it will also provide operational staff the ability to add further information to the custom fields you have created. By following this process, issues can be identified, while assigning ownership in Loome will provide accountability that will lead to issues being resolved.

How will I be notified of any incidents?

Once you have defined an alert and provided your query, which will identify any actions that need to be taken, you can add custom fields to capture additional actions. The results of this alert will list each record of the dataset that requires further action and will allow data operators to assign ownership for each record. When these actions are identified and each record is assigned to the accountable operational staff, you can easily set up an automated email that will be sent when the rule is run. After your operational staff have completed their required actions, you can re-run this rule to check that the issues have been resolved. If there are outstanding issues, the assigned team members will receive another email prompting them again to take action.

A gif showing how to create data driven Alerts in Loome Monitor.
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