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Create data-driven business alerts in Loome

When businesses have to manage a myriad of data, automated alerts can be a game-changer in order to help prevent potential human error in organizations. It’s important to have the ability to define roles and manage data-driven alerts, especially for those who need to proactively monitor and manage their business processes. Using alerts in Loome helps ensure that your organization is always on track when meeting your process compliance requirements, as well as being supported by a system of automated alerts and business rules.

How can I automate Alerts?

Loome Monitor is a business rules engine that can instigate a business workflow and trigger alerts that allows you to take timely action and keep track of the activity of your business processes. In Loome, an alert will notify your chosen audience with any actions that you need taken for your data. You can define a data quality or process compliance exception that you want to keep track of in your query. Once this rule is run, you can assign each record of this exception to someone in your organization to resolve. You can then create the communication you want to be sent automatically when this rule is run, and this process will notify the right audience of the action that needs to be taken. This rule can be re-run again at any time, and it will again automatically notify your chosen audience that there is an outstanding action with the communication you created earlier.

A gif showing how to create Alerts in Loome Monitor.
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