How it works
Establishing a cloud data platform

Loome Integrate makes building and maintaining a modern data warehouse frictionless. With over a hundred pre-built connectors including Azure Synapse, Databricks and Snowflake you can set up and have full visibility over your data pipeline. The ability to orchestrate multiple process types including SQL, PowerShell, Command Line, Databricks, Python and more provides you the flexibility to leverage processes you already have in your existing data workflows.

Creating a Data Lake

Optimised to expedite data ingestion to the cloud, Loome provides you ability to rapidly establish a data lake in a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. Once you've set up your project and the job, simply create new tasks to instigate the pipeline. Choose your connection to the source data, select your target (Hadoop File System, Databricks File System (HDFS/DBFS) and Apache Parquet file definition types are generally used to define target connections for data lakes). Execute the task and the data is automatically ingested into the data lake in the defined format and ready to query or transform.

All without a line of code.

A gif showing how users can establish a data lake without need for a line of code in Loome Integrate.
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