How it works

You can quickly deploy scalable cloud computing resources that can be started and stopped on demand. You can share resources or deploy individual resources based on your project requirements, team work-styles or cloud scalability needs.

Loome provides scalability in cloud computing as you will have the ability to turn your workstation or HPC cluster on or off on-demand. And, you can also modify and increase resources on a virtual machine or a cluster in a few steps to easily adjust and scale your resources, according to what you plan to use to avoid additional costs.

Turning a workstation off on-demand is simple, just visit your project and click the stop button to deallocate your workstation.

A gif showing how Loome Assist users can turn on and off, 
                  and increase the resources on a single machine or cluster in minutes.

Find out More
To find out how to manage on demand compute resources, such as workstations or a HPC cluster via a solution collection, visit our documentation today.