How it works

Administrators can curate the resources that will be available to users who will provision workstations, solution collections, HPC clusters, and other analysis platforms . This will make adding resources much easier for users who may be overwhelmed with options and decisions.

When you have a curated library of resources, users can then easily create their required resources from these options.


You can choose the type of workstations that users can deploy by using workstation templates. Workstation templates can be found in the administrator settings. Create a new template and pick a region. Then choose your VM sizes, and at least one image. You can choose public or private images. After you save this template, users can choose this template when provisioning a workstation. Your team will have a dropdown of all the templates you have created to pick a pre-configured resource easily and quickly for their needs.

A gif showing how Workstation Templates works in Loome Assist
Solution Collections

For other types of resources, like HPC clusters or Data Science platforms, you can create solution collections. You can choose to add solution collection repositories and select which resources are available to users. A solution collection repository is a group of solution collections that contains resources like HPC clusters or Data Science platforms that can be added into projects by users. You can even add your own solution collection into Loome for specific project requirements.

On the ‘Solution Collection Repository’ page click on ‘Add’ to add a solution collection repository. You can learn more about creating solution collections here.

A gif showing how users can create Solution Collections in Loome Assist.

A user can then find these solution collections in their project, when they click ‘Add Other Resources’. Follow the steps in its wizard for your chosen resource. You can then deploy and manage this resource from your project.

A gif displaying what steps should Loome Assist users follow to deploy and manage their resources.

Find out More
Visit our documentation today to find out how to curate a library of resources and how to add resources via solution collections.